Shanghai-Submarine-Museum-Phase 1

The first phase of the Shanghai Submarine Museum (Huangpu Branch of China Maritime Museum) has been completed at No. 3 Dockyard along the Huangpu River. The opening ceremony was held on 23 April, and the exhibition opened to the public on 25 April.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Zhou Taitong, Chairman of the Municipal Military Support Foundation, Mr. Wang Weiren, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Mr. Gao Yun, Secretary of Huangpu District and representatives from the Municipal Transportation Commission, Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau, Huangpu District and Shanghai Real Estate Group, as well as members of the PES-Architects design team. Jyri Eskola, Partner at PES Shanghai, presented the project concept to the guests.

The project started in April 2021, when PES-Architects’ proposal was selected as winner in the invited design competition.

In the first phase, the exhibition is organically integrated with the existing dock to create a powerful architectural experience. The interior of the submarine is set up for visitors to immerse themselves in the experience of working and living in a submarine. The waterscape design at the bottom of the dock presents a gradually undulating terrain and changing water levels to suggest the historical appearance of the dockyard. The design reveals and hides the convex and concave polished concrete surfaces, inviting visitors to walk around and play in the constantly circulating water of the pools

Construction of phase two, the actual museum building, is expected to start this summer for opening in 2024.

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