Pitkä purjehdus (The Long Voyage) – Pekka Salminen’s professional biography

We are happy to announce the publication of Pitkä purjehdus– Arkkitehti Pekka Salmisen matka Silkkitielle (The Long Voyage – Architect Pekka Salminen’s Journey to the Silk Road), the professional biography of architect, professor Pekka Salminen, PES-Architects’ founding partner.

The book

In this book by journalist Auri Häkkinen, Pekka Salminen, who turned 85 this year, recounts his long professional journey from a working-class childhood in Tampere to establishing a successful office, now PES-Architects, in Helsinki, and on to international projects and a striking new career in China in the 2000s.

In addition to revealing the stories behind the projects, Pekka Salminen discusses his design philosophy, which lies on three main principles: the requirements of the users and location; material and structure; and details and building quality.

Pekka Salminen

The journey

This journey has required creativity, perseverance and also the support of a wide network of collaborators. ”It was teamwork, you see,” Pekka quotes renowned Finnish architect Viljo Revell, thanking his family, friends, colleagues, clients and supporters in Finland and abroad for enabling this remarkable career.

The book launch was held on 8 December at Rakennustieto’s premises in Helsinki. Hannu Tikka, DSc(Arch), writer of the book’s preface, introduced the book’s themes and led a lively discussion with Pekka Salminen and Auri Häkkinen.

The richly illustrated book is published in Finnish by Rakennustieto

Pitkä purjehdus – Table of contents

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