New Oulu Courthouse brings local courts and judicial administration under one roof 

The new Oulu Courthouse complex has been completed, with the official opening held on 31 May 2023. A collaboration between PES-Architects and Komulainen Arkkitehdit, the project involved a new building of ca. 9,100 sqm on Torikatu and an extensive renovation of the existing ca. 4,000 sqm building towards Sepänkatu.

The courthouse complex unites most of the local and regional courts and judicial administration under one roof, with courtrooms, customer service facilities and offices for around 400 staff. The building provides a flexible, secure and healthy environment for users in compliance with the administration’s workplace and premises concept, designed to support new ways of working and digitalisation, including electronic court proceedings.

The architecture combines high-quality, durable materials with a timeless design. Granite, plastered brick and copper detailing are used on the exterior, while wood and lime plaster surfaces impart a sense of warmth in the interior. Abundant natural light is introduced into the lobbies through roof lanterns.

The project was implemented as a spearhead alliance project with Senate Properties and Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy. The project fulfills ambitious environmental and lifecycle goals, including energy recycling and a solar power station on the roof, and served as Senate Properties' pilot project for carbon footprint calculation.

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