28 08 2023

New partners at PES-Architects

PES-Architects Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of four new partners to the company: Pekka Mäkelä, Sami Lauritsalo, Kai Lindvall and Martin Lukasczyk. Pekka Mäkelä will also act as PES-Architects’ Deputy CEO. 

“The new partners all are long-term key employees at PES-Architects and have played a major role in the acquisition and execution of numerous important projects over the years," says Tuomas Silvennoinen, President and Design Director at PES-Architects. "Partnership is a recognition of their professional expertise and contribution to the company, now and into the future. This latest addition to our partner team also strengthens our office at a time that we are anticipating the launch of a number of major projects.”

Tuomas Silvennoinen, Jarkko Salminen, Arttu Suomalainen and Pekka Salminen continue as PES-Architects’ Senior Partners. 

Additionally, Lai Linli and Jyri Eskola have been partners at the subsidiary PES-Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd since 2021. 

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