PES-Architects’ interior design team creates high-quality interior architecture in a complex information modelling environment.

We offer diverse interior design services, particularly for commercial and business premises with conference facilities, cafés and communal spaces. Our core expertise is interior design as part of the larger architectural project. We specialise in design for large public premises such as terminal buildings, including signage and custom-designed furniture.

Our service portfolio also encompasses furniture and luminaire design, signage design and design renderings.

We bring inventive solutions, a highly professional approach and a wide range of skills to projects. We collaborate across multiple disciplines to ensure the technical compatibility of designs.

PES-Architects’ interior design team is led by designer Kai Lindvall, who has extensive experience in a wide range of highly demanding new build and refurbishment projects.

PES-Architects’ interior design team:

Kai Lindvall - Designer, Design Manager

Aino Aropaltio - Designer MA

Liffländer Fabiola - Interior Architect

Anniina Ikäheimo – Designer, MA

Edita Valenius - Interior Architect

Essi Ilola – Master of Interior Architectural Design

Maria Holthoer - Interior Designer, BA

Mikko Karppanen - Interior Architect SIO

Satu Mattila - Interior Architect SIO, MA

Antonia Sonntag - Interior Architect

Senni Helenius - Interior Designer, Artesan

Teija Anttila-Minkkinen – Interior Architect SIO

Suvimarja Vuontela - Interior Designer, Artesan

Jessica Perhiö - Interior Architect

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