CLIENT: Chengdu High-Tech Investment Group

DATE: 2017

LOCATION: Chengdu, China

Icon Yunduan Tower is a 192-metre-high hybrid building located in a high-tech zone on the outskirts of the city of Chengdu. The tower is a landmark visible on entering the city as well as a focal point for the earlier building phases of the area. The project is based on PES-Architects’ winning entry in an invited architecture competition in 2009.

The interior design concept was based on the idea of an interior that is uniform and systematic, but within it there are areas that have a distinct character. This is reminiscent of an iceberg, which, when seen from afar, appears as a beautiful, smooth white sculpture, but when its individual parts or crystals are inspected in detail, each can be seen to be unique.

The draft designs included detailed interior design plans for all the building’s public space. In the end, however, only the main lobbies of the building were implemented according to PES-Architects’ design.

The spatial highlight of the building is the 30-metre high entrance lobby that opens to the east and towards the river and around which the commercial spaces, restaurants and conference centre converge.

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