Nanchang Poly Grand Theatre

Jiulong Lake New Town, Nanchang, China

International invited competition, 1st prize, in progress

Client: Nanchang Poly Group Co., Ltd.

Project Area: 35,000 m2

Functions: grand theatre/opera hall, multifunctional theatre, art education and exhibition spaces

Situated by the beautiful Jiulong Lake, Nanchang Poly Grand Theatre forms a unique relationship with its environment.

The project creates a ‘cultural and commercial campus’, a series of communal living rooms providing the framework for the creation of intellectual, economic and social value. Borrowing its typological idea from traditional Chinese villages, the programme is broken down into three masses: a grand theatre/opera hall, multifunctional theatre and art education and exhibition space. These are connected by a central passage that runs through the entire project area. The form of the loosely grouped masses resembles three fish circling in a pond, allowing the free flow of people around them.

The outer veil of the building’s wood-veneer facades is a pixelated matrix of ceramic and glass tiles with varying degrees of translucency and opacity, a tribute to the ceramic-making tradition of the Nanchang area. The curtain wall also functions as a sun-shading device.

The theatre forms part of an intertwining network of various cultural and commercial functions, buildings and public plazas, dominated by the landmark cultural building.

Video presentation

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