Nanchang Poly Grand Theatre

Location: Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Size: 45,000 m²
Functions: Theatre, Café, Exhibition space
Scope: Architecture, Interior
Status: Winner, international competition, 2020, in progress
Client: Nanchang Baohe Real Estate Co.


The design principle for the Nanchang Poly Grand Theatre is to create a landmark building for Nanchang city, connecting together the new residen- tial and commercial areas along a common pathway, that runs through the building, inviting easy access from both the streets and Jiulong lakeside park.

The building overall appearance is inspired by the hills and water of the Ji- ulong area, as well as the ceramic culture in Jiangxi province. Three main function volumes of the theatre are imagined as mountains, covered by mist- like ceramic white veil, reminding people of local Linglong Ceramic technolo- gy as well, a tribute to the ceramics tradition of the Jiangxi province.

A public pathway runs through the building, like a mountain stream. Along this pathway, a series of cultural and commercial spaces, café’s, exhibition space and shops, are arranged. At the heart of the building, is the warm hearth of the mountain, the bamboo clad theatre foyers and halls. Their ge- ometry follows the undulation of water waves.

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