Saudi Arabian Embassy

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Size: 10,000 m²
Functions: Embassy , Staff residences
Scope: Architecture, Interior
Status: Competition and commission 2012
Client: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA


PES-Architects won the invited architectural design competition for the Saudi-Arabian embassy in Finland in 2013 and signed the design contract at the end of the year. The competition was organised by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA and involved a number of major Finnish architectural firms.

The embassy building includes offices and diplomatic facilities as well as staff apartments. The site is located in the Kuusisaari district near the Helsinki city centre. The starting point for the interior design was to create a high-quality embassy environment. Finnish materials and suppliers were favoured while taking into account the client’s tastes and expectations, which differ from the Scandinavian tradition.