Turku Music Hall Fuuga

Location: Turku, Finland
Functions: Concert hall, Multifunctional auditorium, Rehearsal rooms, Café, Restaurant
Scope: Architecture, Interior, Furniture design
Status: Competition win 2021, completion 2026
Client: City of Turku


Turku Music Hall Fuuga will provide a new home with world-class acoustics for the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as serving as an accessible and inviting cultural venue that encourages encounters, communication and new forms of interaction between diverse user groups.

The 1,300-seat main concert hall takes the form of a modified shoebox, with curved balconies that wrap around the stalls and stage to create an immersive space where the audience and orchestra are enveloped by music. Warm wood surfaces bring a visual unity to the hall, and natural light is introduced through clerestory windows that can be blacked out as needed.

The concert hall seats are designed to provide the audience with a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience while matching the high architectural quality and overall visual aesthetics of the hall. The form, materials, and finishing aim to complement the architectural style to create a cohesive and attractive whole.

The chair design must also take into account acoustic factors such as sound reflection and absorption. Efficient use of space with a maximum number of seats is also a key consideration.

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