Workplace design

Our versatile work environment solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our focus is on creating workspaces that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, prioritising durable, ergonomic, and technically high-quality design.

Drawing from years of experience, our in-house workplace design team stands at the forefront of the latest developments in work environment design. We undertake projects of various scales, encompassing both new premises and refurbishment. Our expertise extends from designing small private offices to large-scale property development and branding projects.

We embrace service design as our preferred approach to designing workspaces. This methodology allows us to delve deep into understanding the needs of the end-users, enriching the overall design process. Our team of service designers and interior architects is led by our certified facilitators Teija Anttila and Suvimarja Vuontela, upholding the highest standards in participatory processes and ensuring the integration of end-user data into design decisions.

Participatory workplace design may take various forms, utilising a single method or the full range of tools available. For the Oulu Courthouse, for example, we worked closely with the end-users throughout the project to design the courtrooms, public premises and office spaces. The process involved the use of 3D modelling and VR technology combined with gamification and hybrid workshops alongside traditional workshop methods.

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