Huishan New City, China 2015

Invited International Competition 2011 - 1st Prize

Client: Wuxi Xidong New District Planning Bureau

Done in collaboration with WSP Finland the Wuxi Xidong pedestrian bridge links two sides of the Xidong Central Lake. The main visual element of the bridge is two independent oppositely inclined pylons, with a fan of cable-stays, between which is suspended an undulating deck structure. The pylons are founded on a central man-made island accessed by two sets of stairs. The concept for the bridge was inspired by the image of a loving couple dancing.

With all other structural elements including integrated illumination wrapped in a silvery white cladding, the bamboo deck seems to float as it undulates in both plan and section. This simple and economic solution ensures that the bridge appearance different from all directions and has created an impressive landmark.

Local design institute: TJAD (Tongji University Architectural Design & Research Institute), Bridge Engineering Design Branch / LDI

Length: 176m (Straight line between anchorage)
Width: 10m (widest point)
Free height: min 2.7 m (on the island)
Pylon height: 35m

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